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Welcome to my website!

**Please note - Kim has moved (again) from her home in Ontario, to the beautiful and wild Yukon,Canada in the summer of 2014.
Florida and Ontario classes are no longer be available.

I plan to begin offering aromatherapy and herbal classes in my new home soon!

Feel free to email and inquire about new class dates and to be put on the email list for updates.
Thank you!

Please email me
at and I'll be happy to get back to you quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you!




Organic...Purity...Quality... Health...

What more could you wish for?

At Verona Organics and Aromatherapy the sole purpose is to bring to you information about essential oils that will allow you to make your own wonderful creations! Almost all of the creations are recipes Kim has perfected over time for use with her patients, friends and family. You'll LOVE making them for yourself!

Verona Organics classes range in topic from making your own non-toxic household cleaning products to skin care blends that are chemical free to immune boosting and pain relieving blends. 

You'll learn to make products with essential oils, carrier oils, butters, waxes, salts, handmade lotions.

The quality begins with the ingredients. I
use only sustainably harvested, organic or wild-crafted, un-sprayed butters, oils, and waxes. Almost all of the ingredients are of food grade. The gorgeous organic essential oils are either distilled or cold pressed, preserving all of their energetic and medicinal qualities. 

I hope to help you choose to make a difference in the quality of products you use on your skin and inhale into your system by providing you with products that not only smell and feel good, but are good for you.

Verona Organics
and Aromatherapy


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